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Commenting on those Thousand Words…

Sometimes a picture simply requires comment, and something more direct than a caption at that.  Luckily, there’s the “Robin Corner Shock Pose Generator” from strix.org.uk…  after all, what says it better than a flummoxed super side kick?

Bush and Robin

Generate your own here.

As we practice our poses, we might pause to celebrate the birthday (1857) of Joseph Pujol, “Le Petomane,” a performer at Paris’ Moulin Rogue who out-grossed Sarah Berhardt… in at least two sense of the phrase:  his act consisted essentially entirely of playing music and making sound effects via the expulsion of flatulence.

Highlights of his stage act involved playing a flute  through a rubber tube in his anus– the act included an instrumental version of Au Claire de la Lune —  and sound effects of cannon fire and thunderstorms. The grand finale of his act was sometimes his impression of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake; sometimes the extinguishing several gas jets in the footlights, followed by a raucous audience sing-along.

But all good things that come from an end come to an end: World War One dampened audiences’ spirits, and left them less inclined towards mirth and loud noises.  Le Pétomane died a forgotten baker.

Le Petomane

Le Petomane

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