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Giving them the bird…


Forgoing the more traditional sales of unwanted periodicals, over-priced gift-wrap, and grocery chain cupcakes, parents of students at Washougal (WA) High School have landed on a new approach to raising money to cover graduation night expenses, a fund-raising program that the school is calling “You’ve Been Flocked!”…

For a suggested donation of $20, a supporter can unleash an army of polymer Phoenicopteridae– plastic lawn flamingo– on the target of their choice. The organizers have made it clear they’ll remove the flamingoes for free — or move them on to the target’s choice of new location for another $20.  And in a nod to fund-raising techniques perfected during Prohibition, one can even donate by taking out $5 “Flamingo Insurance,” assuring themselves that no pink horde will appear on his/her lawn…

One notes that the fact of the program must mean either that school parents in Washougal have enough lawn flamingo among them to make up a flock– or even more interestingly, that one family has *lots* of them…

TotH to Zug.

As we rethink pink, we might recall that it was on this date in 1962 that Uganda, having just achieved independence from Britain, joined the United Nations.  Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park is home to many lesser and greater flamingo.

The real thing, at Queen Elizabeth Park (source)


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