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Just when you were beginning to feel a little safer…

The Army News Service reports that, even as Microsoft itself is quietly declaring defeat on widely-reviled Vista and trying to shift attention to the can’t-be-soon-enough release of Windows 7, the U.S. Army is moving all of it’s PCs to Vista…

Army migrating computers to Vista
May 20, 2009
By Gary Sheftick and Delawese Fulton

WASHINGTON (Army News Service, May 20, 2009) — The Army is migrating
all of its Windows-based computers to Microsoft’s Vista operating
system to bolster Internet security and standardize its information

The systems change, which includes swapping Office 2003 for Office
2007, is set to be completed by Dec. 31.

The official release suggests that

First-time Vista users will discover added support for data
encryption, a new Windows Explorer, upgraded icons and navigation

… or not.

In any case, read the full piece here.

As we console ourselves that Trojan Horses have had a place in warfare since the time of Homer, we might recall that it was on this date in 1844 that Samuel F. B. Morse taped out the first message sent over the (first) “telegraph” line:  “What hath God wrought?”  Morse sent the famous message from the B&O’s Mount Clare Station in Baltimore to the Capitol Building. (The words were chosen by Annie Ellsworth, the daughter of the U.S. Patent Commissioner, from Numbers 23:23.)

The original Morse telegraph

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