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Lest we forget…

As we round the turn into 2010, it’s natural enough to sneak a peak back.  In the spirit of Michael Hughes (whom readers may recall), Jason Powell has created “Looking into the Past,” a Flickr pool devoted to collages that combine old photos of locations, buildings, and people with those of their present day realities.

Photo: Jason Powell, via Ed Hunsinger, via Laughing Squid

See the whole collection.  And see highlights curated by Ed Hunsinger (to whom, ToTH), Paulo Canabarro, or Wired UK.

As we contemplate the space-time continuum, we might raise a toast to a pioneer of a different sort of exploration:  Jacob Grimm, German folklorist and philologist, the elder half of the Brothers Grimm (with his brother, Wilhelm); Jacob was born on this date in 1785.

Jacob Grimm

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