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Cyrano de Bureaucrat…

There’s no more uncomfortable deficit than a loss for words.  Happily, there’s the Bureau of Communication

Explore the full range of available forms— and file away!

(Lest we think this anything modern:  readers will recall Letters of Note… they’ve just published an example– an apology from a drunken guest—  from a 9th century Chinese book of “etiquette forms.”  For more of that ancient wisdom, readers can consult the “Dunhuang Bureau of Etiquette.”)

As we fill in the blanks, we might recall that it was on this date in 1969 that Paul McCartney was moved publicly to deny rumors of his own death (“play it backwards, man…”)

Anyway all of the things that have been, that have made these rumors, to my mind have very ordinary, logical explanations. To the people’s minds who prefer to think of them as rumors, then I am not going to interfere, I am not going to spoil that fantasy. You can think of it like that if you like.

However, if the end result, the conclusion you reach is that I am dead, then you are wrong, because I am very much alive, I am alive and living in Scotland.


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Written by (Roughly) Daily

October 22, 2009 at 12:01 am