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Oh the places they’ll go, the clothing they’ll remove!…

The always-engaging Gothamist explains:

…Storybook Burlesque, the same troupe that brought you burlesque renditions of the Bible, promised: “From a sexy Sam I Am through a lascivious Lorax, no story or character will be quite the same.”

New York “personality” Schaffer the Darklord hosted the show in rhyme as Dr. Seuss himself, and burlesque “superstar” Nasty Canasta (Facebook) jiggled her green eggs and ham, in the company of a different kind of Cat in a Hat, and a Horndog Hearing a Hoo-hah, and…

Is that a Wocket in Your Pocket or are you just happy to see half-naked people turn beloved children’s books into the stuff of psycho-sexual nightmares?

(Son of) Sam I am…

As we rethink our bedtime reading, we might recall that it was on this date in 1989 that the Boston Red Sox signed pitcher Roger Clemens to a 3-year $7.5 million contract.  Later that same day, the Los Angeles Dodgers signed pitcher Orel Hershiser (who did not take steroids) to a 3-year $7.9 million contract.

Kids, don’t do drugs.

Hershiser (top right) and Clemens (bottom right), with Nolan Ryan and Dwight Gooden (source)

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