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Flowing downhill…

Lest one missed the piece on All Things Considered— and in preparation for next weekend’s wave of summer must-sees– a movie-goers newest friend:  a site that publishes guides to the precise moments within films at which it’s most propitious to dash out to the loo:  RunPee.com.

As we decide the “supersize that” after all, we might recall that life is not all “popcorn and diet coke,” and spare a memorial thought for the monks of Lindisfarne (the holy island off the coast of Northumberland, source of the extraordinary Lindisfarne Gospels; c.f., the sample below, from the British Library):  on this date in 793, Vikings killed them all in the process of sacking their monastery, in what is generally considered to be the first Viking raid on Britain  (in UK texts, anyway; the Scandinavian side of the story holds that, while the helmeted visitors might have acted with immodest zeal, they were not unprovoked)…


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June 8, 2009 at 12:01 am

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