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When Worlds Collude…

In the spirit of yesterday’s odd couple,  a series of similarly serendipitous snaps at “Awesome People Hanging Out Together.”

As we remind ourselves that this (“You never know…!”) is why our mothers insisted that we always wear clean underclothes, we might recall that it was on this date in 1813 that Captain James Lawrence sailed his ship, the Chesapeake, from Boston Harbor– and immediately engaged the blockading Royal Navy frigate HMS Shannon in a fierce battle.  Though the British ship’s cannons disabled the Chesapeake within the first few minutes, Captain Lawrence, mortally wounded by small arms fire, famously commanded his officers: “Don’t give up the ship.”  (Shortly afterwards, the Chesapeake was overwhelmed by a British boarding party… and was, after all, given up.  James Lawrence died of his wounds three days later… while the Chesapeake was being taken to Halifax, Nova Scotia, by her captors.)


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