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Did you know that 33 percent of puppies never get hugged?

Or that the top baby names for 2011 were Edward, Harry, Dylan, Chase and Sealteamsix?

If you do, chances are you are one of the more than 13,800 people following @fakepewresearch, a hilarious new parody Twitter account from the minds behind @fakeapstylebook. The account parodies the Pew Research Center, a think tank established in 2004 as a subsidiary of The Pew Charitable Trusts, known for its public opinion polls and social science research.

In the increasingly popular parody-account community, @fakepewresearch and @fakeapstylebook are anomalies. Not only have they amassed more than 260,000 followers combined, they are managed by a 15-person team called the Bureau Chiefs. They are a group of volunteer journalists, advertising writers, and librarians who mull over and edit every tweet before sending it out to the world. (All have other day jobs.)…

Read the full profile at Daily Dot.  Check out the feed at #fakepewresearch (from whence, the examples above). And visit The Bureau Chiefs here

As we distill our results to 140 characters, we might recall that it was on this date in 1948 that Community Antenna Television (CATV)– what grew up to become cable television– was born, when Leroy “Ed” Parsons, who sold electronics and ran a radio station in Astoria, Oregon treated his family to KRSC’s inaugural TV broadcast from 150 miles away in Seattle.  He picked up a usable signal with a large antenna on the roof of the John Jacob Astor Hotel, and strung a coaxial cable across the street to his living room.  Encouraged, he placed a TV in the hotel lobby and another in a nearby store window.  As others in town asked for the same service, Parsons helped them hook into a system using a community antenna on Coxcomb Hill completed Feb 1949.  He moved to Alaska in 1953, and by 1967 had installed the state’s first cable system in Barrow.  From Parsons’ wire to The Wire in under 60 years…


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November 25, 2011 at 1:01 am

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