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Is “tired old cliche” one?…

As the deadline for those 2010 resolutions approaches, our friends at Xplane have supplied a visualization of 57 of the most-used– and thus best avoided in 2010– business cliches:

“Get your ducks in a row” so that you aren’t “caught with your pants down” this holiday season! After all, it can be like “herding cats” out there this time of year, and you definitely don’t want to get stuck “in the weeds.” So, go ahead and take a minute to “shop this around,” “see if it sticks” and celebrate from a “10,000-foot view.” It’s all “blue sky” from here on out, nothing but a “win-win situation!”

Think you know your business clichés? Find where they’re hiding in this holiday XPLANATiON™

Download a tabloid-sized PDF here.

As we resolve to choose our words more thoughtfully, we might toot our horns in commemoration of New York’s gift to New Jersey (or was it New Jersey’s gift to Manhattan?), the 1.5 mile Lincoln Tunnel, which opened to traffic on this date in 1937.

The New Jersey entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel

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