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Homage is where the heart is…

On the tenth anniversary of the release of The Matrix, Trevor Boyd and Steve Ilett invested 440 hours in painstakingly recreating 990 frames of the film– the famous “Bullet Time” dodge sequence–  in Lego.

See the finished sequence:

And marvel at the extraordinary fidelity of their craft in this side-by-side comparison:

ToTH to Scott Beale and Laughing Squid

Readers might want to tweet the news that the “Top Words of 2009” (as culled by the Global Language Monitor) are in. The winner?  “Twitter— the ability to encapsulate human thought in 140 characters.” (And then again, readers might want to choose their words carefully…)

As we wander around Plato’s cave, we might take celebratory dip in the pork barrel today in honor of Andrew Jackson, whose election as 7th President of the U.S. (as solemnized by the Electoral College) on this date in 1828 both manifest and accelerated America’s shift toward its democratic (if not Democratic) future.

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