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Reading ‘ritten ‘rithmetic…

Long-time (pre-blog) readers may recall the amazing Jessica Hagy and her hilarious site, Indexed.  Now, a fellow-traveller:  Craig Damrauer and New Math…  where one can find a weekly distillation of wisdom into algorithmic form.

See them all here.

As we balance our equations, we might smile a memorial smile for Moe Howard, who died on this date in 1975.  Howard was born in Brooklyn in 1897; he went on to perform with his friend Larry Fine and his brothers Curly, then Shemp, with whom he appeared in 190 shorts and more than 20 feature-length films:  first with Ted Healey as “Ted Healey and his Stooges”; then, simply– and marvelously– as The Three Stooges.  Nyuck, nyuck!

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May 4, 2009 at 1:01 am

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