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On the internet, *everybody* knows that you’re a dog…

From Silicon Alley Insider‘s “The 5 Worst Tweets Ever,”  a reminder that it pays to understand social media before one uses them…  and that once something hits the web, it’s there to stay:

Back in March, the social media-savvy people employed by Skittles-maker Mars thought they had the whole thing figured out. Instead of worrying about building a fancy web page, they simply redirected Skittles.com to a Twitter search results page for the hashtag “Skittles.” Then came reality, as pranksters flooded the results page with unflattering remarks about the candy. Lafksy says this tweet from comedian Baratunde Thurston is actually one of the “less raunchy” examples:

Do read them all

(Baratunde Thurston, a very funny guy, can be found here.)

As we limit ourselves to 140 characters, we might console ourselves that even really, really smart people sometimes get things really, really wrong…  e.g., according to the great German astronomer and mathematician Johannes Kepler, it was on this date in 4977 BC that the universe was created.  Kepler’s observations and theories had a powerfully positive impact on human knowledge, building as they did on the work of Copernicus and Tyco Brahe to influence (his contemporary) Galileo and their followers, maybe most notably, Isaac Newton.  But for all that, Kepler’s fix on creation was, modern calculations suggest, roughly 13.7 Billion years off.

Johannes Kepler

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April 27, 2009 at 1:01 am