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Down the drain…

Your correspondent typically steers clear of matters scatalogical; but in the spirit of “Will it Blend?” (which pre-blog members will recall), this demonstration video from St. Thomas Creations, featuring “Quattro– the Most Advanced Flushing Technology”:

Update, 3.8.09: From reader JW (to whom, thanks)…

…appreciated your quick note on Aspirin [here]. You might also know that Bayer introduced into the US a cough suppressant and cure for morphine addiction, a wonderdrug that made his human subjects feel “heroic.” This of course was diacetylmorphine, aka, Heroin.

As we consider truly inspired new consumer product ideas, we might recall that it was on this date in 1964 that the Ford Mustang was introduced… the good news: cool car; the bad news:  it unleashed Lee Iacocca on the world.  (Don Frey is widely regarded within Ford as the “father of the Mustang”; Iacocca, who managed– controlled– the publicity is better known outside the company in that role.)


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