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Jon Haeber has done the world the inestimable service of compiling a compact but thorough history of that most delicate of games– miniature golf.  Replete with illustrations, it starts with the 1867 formation of the Ladies’ Putting Club in St. Andrews, Scotland, essentially the first putting-only course, and traces developments up to the present day.

It’s teed up for the reader here.

As we meditate to avoid the yips, we might recall that on this date in 1872, three years after the Scottish ladies reached for their putters, Luther Crowell patented the first machine capable of manufacturing a paper bag.  It was a big day for innovation:  that same day Silas Noble and JP Cooley patented the toothpick manufacturing machine… oh, yes, and on that same day, the Metropolitan Museum of Art opened…


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February 20, 2009 at 1:01 am

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