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What’s in a name?…

Readers may recall an earlier (pre-blog) alert to a service that tracks the prevalence of different boys’ and girls’ names over time.  Finally, the geo-mash-up is here.

The folks at Baby Name Map have laid that data on top of Google Maps– and have created a way to compare and contrast the popularity of names from one region to another…

As we noodle on nomenclature, we might might wish a challenging Happy Birthday to Eugene Ionesco, the French-Romanian dramatist who was born on this date in 1909.  Though he didn’t pen his first play until he was 39–La Cantatrice Chauve, first performed in 1950 with the English title The Bald Soprano— Ionesco completed 27 plays (along with numerous novels and essays), and became a defining practitioner of “The Theater of the Absurd.”

Irving Penn’s Portrait of Eugene Ionesco

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November 26, 2008 at 1:01 am

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