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The dog ate my homework…

Your correspondent suspects that readers know the feeling:  “I could write, except that…”

Well, the good folks at iSerenity have removed one more rationalization; they have created a series of soundscapes, each of which is designed to provide an audio environment conducive to work…   There’s something for everyone– a waterfall, a library, a highway; 34 thus far, with new loops added regularly– so however eccentric one’s taste in background noise, there’s sure to be one that’s a sound fit.

One more good excuse bites the dust.

As we sharpen our pencils, we might wish a regal birthday to Otto I, aka Otto the Great, (arguably) the first Holy Roman Emperor; he was born on this date in 912.  Otto was Duke of Saxony, King of Germany, King of Italy, and “the first of the Germans to be called the emperor of Italy” (according to Arnulf of Milan).  Charlemagne, the other candidate for “first,” had been crowned emperor in 800, but his empire had been divided amongst his grandsons; and following the assassination of Berengar of Friuli in 924, the imperial title lay vacant for nearly forty years.  In 962, Otto was crowned Emperor of what became the Holy Roman Empire.

Detail from The Magdeburger Reiter, c. 1240, traditionally intended as a portrait of Otto I

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November 23, 2008 at 1:01 am

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