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The scholars and archivists at SovMusic have collected an extraordinary range of Soviet-era songs, most available both in text and in MP3 form, and with commentary.

Consider for example “The Chekists Song”– a ditty about that KGB (“…if the enemy will cross our border, we’ll take him with an “Iron Fist”!)  The lyrics are here; the MP3, here…. and dozens more at SovMusic.

As we reach for the beets, we might raise a glass of birthday Bolla to Cosimo di Giovanni de’ Medici, born this date in 1389.  “Cosimo the Elder”(aka  “il Vecchio” and “Cosimo Pater Patriae”) was the first of the Medici political dynasty, de facto rulers of Florence during most of the Italian Renaissance, and founder of the family tradition of patronage:  He hired the young Michelozzo Michelozzi to create what is today perhaps the prototypical Florentine palazzo, the austere and magnificent Palazzo Medici. He was a patron and confidante of Fra Angelico, Fra Filippo Lippi, and Donatello, whose famed “David” and “Judith Slaying Holofernes” were Medici commissions.  And Cosimo’s patronage enabled the eccentric (and bankrupt) architect Brunelleschi to complete the famous dome of Santa Maria del Fiore.

Pontormo’s portrait of Cosimo

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