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Special Edition: Things that go “bump” on the right…

The wages of Truthiness:

Democratic politicians receive a 40% increase in contributions in the 30 days after appearing on the comedy cable show The Colbert Report.  In contrast, their Republican counterparts essentially gain nothing.  These findings appear to validate anecdotal evidence regarding the political impact of the program, such as the assertions by host Stephen Colbert that appearing on his program provides candidates with a “Colbert bump” or a rise in support for their election campaigns.

This analysis of one of America’s most well-known pop icons of recent years is conducted by political scientist James H. Fowler (University of California, San Diego), who is also a self-identified fan of the show.  The research appears in the July issue of PS: Political Science and Politics, a journal of the American Political Science Association.

Read the entire American Political Science Association article here.  The paper is here.

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August 14, 2008 at 10:56 pm

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