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One never knows when one will be called upon to decode a semaphore message or identify the flag of a newly-hatched nation…  so, just in time for the Olympics:  The Flag Identifier.

The Flag of Birgu

The Flag of Birgu

As we wave our pennants, we might might wish a skeptical birthday to Charles Hoy Fort, the prolific chronicler of paranormal phenomena, born this date in 1874.  He collected accounts of frogs and other strange objects raining from the sky, UFOs, ghosts, spontaneous human combustion, stigmata, psychic abilities, and the like, publishing four collections of weird tales and anomalies during his lifetime: Book of the Damned (1919), New Lands (1923), Lo! (1931), and Wild Talents (1932).  So influential was Fort among fellow-questers that his name has become an adjective, “Fortean,” often applied to unexplained events… The Truth is Out There…

Charles Fort

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August 9, 2008 at 1:01 am

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