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Not completely clear on the concept…

The good folks at Gamu Toys in Japan are offering the ultimate celebratory souvenir of the New Administration– The Barack Obama Action Figure!

Accessories include the depicted microphone, stool, and flag; so far so good…  but they also include several sidearms and automatic weapons, a samurai sword and a light saber.

Update:  From the time that this post was composed to the time (early this morning) when it was uploaded, Gamu must have taken some heat…  The photos inserted below, which were linked to their site, disappeared.  Indeed, the entire page illustrating the arsenal available has gone:  the button on Gamu’s home page that led there (the photo elements is lift from a larger photo of our new President drawing a large automatic pistol from under his elegantly-draped jacket) is still present:

… but it’s deader than one of the bad guys that your appropriately-armed Obama action figure can annihilate.   The toy’s still available, but in a sanitized version, with or without the optional McCain figure (for those anxious to restage the debates)…  Ah, political correctness…

As we marvel at ingeniousness in popular culture, we might recall that it was on this date in 1927 that Alfred Hitchcock’s first film– The Pleasure Garden— opened in England…  a scant eight years before the first beer in a can made its appearance (on this date in 1935) in Richmond, VA.

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January 24, 2009 at 1:01 am

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